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String art cross on a wooden plaque

String Art Fun Cross 1 Pattern

String Art Fun customer Angela has sent us some photographs of string art cross her 10 year old son made using the String Art Fun Value Pack No. 3: Religious Patterns.

The picture above is of Cross 1. The baseboard is a wood plaque they purchased from USA craft store Hobby Lobby. It resembles a slice cut through a log with the bark in place. The string art cross is going to be a Christmas present for Angela’s father and I am sure he will treasure it.

The pictures below are of Cross 2 and Girl praying. Angela described the process for us; “He nails the pattern, puts a claw hangar on the back, spray paints everything, and then strings the project when it is dried. The blue cross he used a variegated blue thread and did a layered painting job of white and light blue paint.”

String Art Fun Cross 2 Pattern

String Art Fun Girl praying pattern

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Windmill pattern added at String Art Fun website

A windmill string art pattern has been added to the String Art Fun website. The pattern can be worked in silver string, thread, wool or thin wire on a black background.

The pattern size is approximately 300 mm x 210 mm (12 x 8½ inches). It is delivered by download to your computer in PDF format.

The pattern is in the general section of the String Art Fun website under Windmill.

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Christmas maths projects at the String Art Fun website

Primary school teachers looking for a fun maths project for the Christmas term will find it at the String Art Fun website. The string art math projects are suitable for Key Stage 2 Maths (8 – 11 years old). They include numbered patterns and maths question sheets.

Designs can be created with pencils and ruler or drawing pins (thumb tacks) and string / wool.

There is a free maths project featuring a Christmas pudding with holly.

There are also some maths projects to buy featuring a bauble, bells, candles, a crown, a star and a fir tree. The projects are available individually and in a value pack of six designs.