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Free Heart Circle Pattern at String Art Fun website

Make a picture for your loved one with the free heart circle string art pattern to be found at the String Art Fun website. The design, that creates a heart within a circle, was inspired by a curve stitching pattern based on a mathematical formula.

As well as creating this heart circle with nails and string you can also create it as a greetings card with a pattern from the Pinbroidery website.

4 thoughts on “Free Heart Circle Pattern at String Art Fun website

  1. do you have the supplies and or instrukshens

    1. Hi hailee,
      The instructions come with the pattern. Visit the String Art Fun website to get them. All the supplies you need are nails, wool and a backing board. You should be able to buy these locally.

  2. This is a different Haley by the way. Anyway, I didn’t have any trouble making the first section of this, but I need help with the second. I realize it’s a lot to ask, but can someone tell me the mathematical formula to figure out the pattern or tell me all of the numbers to wrap? I can’t tell what goes where according to the adobe picture because the lines intersect a lot.

    1. Hi Haley,
      If you download the instructions from the String Art Fun website they show each of the two layers separately.

      All of the nails are numbered so it is a matter of studying the diagram and following the numbers.

      A useful tip is to print out the pattern and lay a ruler against the line you are working on to see where it goes.

      Note that on layer 2 the hole spacing changes at nails 13 and 67.

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