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My top 10 string art web sites

String art fun websiteThis is my review of what I consider to be the best web sites for string art enthusiasts. I have rated them on the usefulness of the information given and the patterns that they offer.

Click on the site names to visit the web sites.

1. String Art Fun

This is a great place for string art enthusiasts to start. There is an illustrated step-by-step guide to making string art pictures. Teachers will find some articles on how to introduce string art to children. There are six free patterns to download and a number of attractive patterns available for purchase. There is a section with Christmas designs using colourful drawing pins (thumb tacks) together with sparkly decorative cords and ribbons to give a festive look to the pictures.

2. String art at Math Cats

This web site has an animated demonstration of string art aimed at children, using a square design. There are five free patterns to download based on simple geometric shapes.

3. Okee’s String Art

There are several comprehensive articles on string art covering design, techniques and procedures. There are also some free projects with patterns and instructions.
This website appears to have closed.

4. Childs Elementary School String Art

The art gallery features a number of pictures made by grade 6 students. There are no instructions or patterns but the pictures show what is possible with string art.

5. Exciting Scout Crafts – String Art Flower

This is a detailed project on how to make a string art flower. There is a free pattern to download and a list of materials used.

6. The Caron Collection

Ths web site has a “Kids Corner” with a string art sailboat project. It includes a materials list, a pattern to print and the instructions.

7. Teachers Network

This has a page called “String Art – An Adventure in Line Designs”. It discusses the use of string art as a basis for mathematical understanding of geometric shapes and relationships of points, segments, and angles. There is a project ready to present to students.

8. Logo Art Gallery

This gallery has a string art page featuring eleven geometric pictures. A good source of inspiration.
This website appears to have closed.

9. Strings and Things

This web site features lots of photographs of 3D string art projects produced by the artist Rynders Wilfried.
This website appears to have closed.

10. Lionel Deimel’s Farrago

This web site has a page called “Curve-stitch Designs”. It includes a complex isometric cube drawing that could form the basis of a string art pattern.

13 thoughts on “My top 10 string art web sites

  1. Thank you for sharing your favourites. I have had an enjoyable time looking at them.

  2. String art has become my pet project in the past few months. I do it for fun and/or to relax. Any suggestions or ideas you have about string art? Please email m.! Thanks! 🙂

  3. Thanks for this. I run a stringart club at the school where I teach and these are links with their designs are very helpful.
    Just a point – both geocities sites appear not to be working now?

    1. Thank you for bringing the Geocities site closures to my attention.

  4. Hi there, I would like to make letters with string art – do you have a link to any work like that?



  5. I need a Cross pattern with directions – Could someone tell me where to find or send me a copy – I have to do crafts for VBS this year and have grades
    6 to 12 – Years ago I did a cross with gold string and it turn out beauitful – but now I can not find a pattern — Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Naywell, you will find some crosses at

  6. I was wondering if you know if a unique technique and new art style and form using painted string to create 3-D art / string sculptures can be copyrighted or patented by the artist who created the technique, style, and form of art using string and paint. I have a creative idea using string that I have not yet seen in any art gallery or art publication. I am on social security disability low income, but I may qualify for a government grant or loan to pay a copyright or patent attorney to protect my idea and any art produced using my idea. Can you advise me or, refer me to an honest art copyright / patent attorney / law firm?
    Or, is it possible for me to copyright / patent my technique / style / form on my own without being a copyright / patent attorney? Is it possible for me to have homeless people in a free homeless shelter use my idea to mass produce an untapped, never done before technique, style, and form of 3-D string art / sculpture for the shelter to sell in local art galleries to support the shelter and still be able to copyright / patent my idea to prevent anyone else other than myself and the shelter residents from copying / duplicating my idea, technique, style, and form of 3-D string art? With a copyright / patent on a new technique, style, and form of 3-D string art / sculpture, how does a new artist on social security disability low income afford to pay the copyright / patent attorney / law firm for litigation / court action against a violator whether the violator is copying the technique, style, and form of art from my idea and / or whether an unauthorized gallery, business or individual is selling another’s art copied from my idea? Please email me your opinion(s) and/or answer and/or referral. Thank you for your website on the internet.

    1. Hi Brad, as I understand it individual works of art are covered by copyright automatically.

      If you are in the UK you can register your design with the Intellectual Property Office for a relatively low cost.

      If you don’t register your design, you may still have some automatic protection from unregistered rights. These are made up of:

      UK design right
      Unregistered community design
      An automatic copyright in the design drawings

      You can find our more at:

  7. IN the 1970’s I was taking a college course in teaching math. I discovered an ancient paper in the library on String Art. I discovered that there is a lot of math info needed to do String art; Circumference, radius, pie {3.14etc}, and figruring how many “posts, as I call them”, and how far apart the posts need to be and Prime Numbers. It made a great unit in math for my students.

    Wally Wagner

  8. I have a friend who would like to try this while going through his dialysys treatments..any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Treena

    1. Hi Treena,
      I would recommend starting with one of the free patterns to be found at the String Art Fun website. You will find a link to this in the right hand column of this website. The backing board with nails could be prepared before setting out for his dialysys treatment.
      Best wishes, David.

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