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String art demonstrations on video

String art layoutA number of interesting string art videos have been posted on You Tube. I thought it would be useful to bring together my favourites in this post. The videos range from a professionally produced series on how to do string art to an insight into producing string art pictures to decorate an apartment. I hope that you find them useful.

An introduction to string art

Click on the picture below to start the video.


This video is from a series made by string art expert Melody Mann. It is a brief introduction to the way she does string art.


String art circle project


The second video clip from Melody Mann shows how to make a simple circle design on paper.


Completing the application of string to string art


In video clip three Melody Mann has put the design on to a board with drawing pins (push pins) and shows how to work the string.


How to use normal string in string art


The final clip that I have chosen from Melody Mann shows how normal string can be used on a straight line design.


Pictures to decorate an apartment


Cedar is a novice crafter who shares a string art project. She produced it because she wanted to create pictures to decorate her apartment. She says she chose string art because is not so good at drawing or painting.


String art pendant


Camille Sharon shows how to make a string art pendant that can be used on a necklace or for dangles on earrings.


Circular shape string art


Mary N uses a shape cut on the Cricut Design Studio can be used to produce a wound form of string art.


Scallop punch Spirelli tutorial


Rubberstamping Diva gives a demonstration of Spirelli which she describes as a Dutch form of string art. She shows how to use a scallop circle punch and thread to create beautiful Spirelli accents for cards or scrapbook pages.


String art is calculus


By using a pencil, paper and a ruler Luke Simon gives an account of a 5th grade art assignment that led to many questions and ultimately an answer.


Which of these videos is your favourite? Let us know in a comment to this post.