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Windmill pattern added at String Art Fun website

A windmill string art pattern has been added to the String Art Fun website. The pattern can be worked in silver string, thread, wool or thin wire on a black background.

The pattern size is approximately 300 mm x 210 mm (12 x 8½ inches). It is delivered by download to your computer in PDF format.

The pattern is in the general section of the String Art Fun website under Windmill.

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Using string art to teach maths in a fun way

An article on the String Art Fun website describes a way of using string art as a fun way to teach math to second or the third grade pupils. The children are given a sheet of multiplication sums to solve. Once they have the answers they can use them to create a geometric design. The design can be either drawn on a supplied template, stitched on card using thread and an embroidery needle or created on a board with nails and string.

For more details and a sample work sheet visit the Notes for teachers section of the String Art Fun website.

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Free Heart Circle Pattern at String Art Fun website

Make a picture for your loved one with the free heart circle string art pattern to be found at the String Art Fun website. The design, that creates a heart within a circle, was inspired by a curve stitching pattern based on a mathematical formula.

As well as creating this heart circle with nails and string you can also create it as a greetings card with a pattern from the Pinbroidery website.