String Art Fun helps you to create beautiful pictures with nails and string

String art pictures make fabulous gifts that your friends are sure to treasure, knowing you crafted them by hand. We have tutorials on how to use our printable geometric string art patterns and free patterns to get you started, as well as the beautiful designs in our online shop.

Patterns are supplied as PDF files by downloading to your computer.

Christmas String Art Patterns

This Christmas why not decorate your home with some festive designs?

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General String Art Patterns

Brighten up your walls with some beautiful designs.

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Religious String Art Patterns

A range of iconic designs with a religious theme.

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Pattern Value Packs

Each pack contains six patterns for the price of five individual patterns. Make beautiful pictures and save money too.

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Free String Art Patterns

Some free sample patterns so that you can try out the String Art technique. 

More Info

How the pictures are made

The designs come with a numbered diagram, a nailing pattern, and step-by-step instructions for creating a string art picture. The patterns are delivered by downloading to your computer in PDF format. Download one of our free patterns to discover what they include.


For information about how string art pictures are made using nails, wood, and string or wool, have a look at our string art tutorial. The demonstration uses the free String Art Fun Circle 1 pattern. It takes you through the picture making process step by step. The circle designs are a good starting point for beginners, as the strings follow a logical progression.

Download delivery

The product is a licence to print the pattern instructions for your personal use. The licence includes a 12-month download period and permission for the personal use of the pattern instructions for life.

In order to continue to use the pattern instructions beyond the 12-month download period, you need to either save a copy of the PDF file to your computer or print enough copies to keep you going. If you want to download the file after 12 months, a new licence will be required.

Using card instead of wood

Although the String Art Fun patterns only give instructions for using nails in wood, the designs can be stitched on to card with embroidery floss. There is a tutorial that explains how the stringing sequence can be modified to make full size pictures on card.

There are some straight line art exercises in the tutorials section that only require paper and pencils. This is a great way to introduce string art principles to children.