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Prick and stitch cards – a miniature form of string art

flowerString art makes a bold picture that you can hang on your wall. Prick and stitch is a miniature form of string art used to make greetings cards. Prick and stitch cards are considered by many people to have developed from the string art techniques.

String art and prick and stitch cards (also called stitching cards) have a lot in common and some differences. Instead of nails you have holes pricked in the card. Instead of the string turning round the nails you have thread emerging from a pricked hole, going across the pattern and entering a second hole. The design builds up in a similar way with crossing strings (or threads) filling a shape with colour.

The illustation is the free flowering vine pattern from the Stitching Cards web site. If you fancy trying your hand at prick and stitch card making go to Stitching Cards free patterns.

1 thought on “Prick and stitch cards – a miniature form of string art

  1. I think prick and stitch cards are a great development from string art. I have been making all of my Christmas cards with this technique.

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